Archer on Japan

I liked Japan. Our friends Ayla and Alyssa were with us. Ayla is the tall one in this picture of us on the subway in Tokyo. She is 12 years old. We took the subway a lot in Tokyo.

This is me petting an owl we saw on the street in Tokyo. We asked our mom if we could go into the Owl Cafe. She said yes, but she did not go inside with us. My dad went with us and we took pictures of the owls.

This is one of the owls that was inside. There was a Great Horned Owl and there were ducks, hamsters, and a parrott. It was fun because we got to pet lots of animals.


This was my favorite meal in Japan. They gave us raw meat and we got to cook it! It taught me how to cook steak and chicken. It was really fun because we saw the waiter take a huge steak and put it on the fire and cook it. Then they cut it into pieces with scissors and put the pieces on a plate. It was delicious.


This is an awesome helmet from the Samurai Museum. I like the museum, we got to hold real swords and dress up like a Samurai. We also got to use a real spear too!


This is me with my mom and my brother. We were in the gardens of a temple called Tenryu-ji in Kyoto. My mom says it was a buddhist temple first built is 1339. We saw lots of temples in Kyoto. We had to take our shoes off to go inside the temples. We even had to take our shoes off to go in some restaurants!

Japan was really awesome.


  1. Gamma

    Archer – I was so excited to see a post written by Archer. It sounds like you had fun in Japan. Lots of interesting things to do and see. I kind of looks like you LOVED the Samurai museum the best. I really liked the pictures from that museum. You all looked like you were having such a great time. I want to know if the Samurai costumes were heavy to wear. Do you think it would be hard going to battle with all that stuff on? Or maybe you could just run into your enemy and knock him down cause you had so much armor on? Think that would work?

    So now that you know how to cook chicken and steak – are you going to cook me dinner next time I see you?? I think that would be awesome.

    I am very glad you got the chance to go to Japan and visit with the Janinga’s Too much fun!!!

    Love you all and miss you lots.

    1. Julie O'Brien

      I might be able to cook the meat for you.

      We didn’t really put on the armor but the helmet was really heavy. I had to tilt my head so I did not fall. I think I could knock them over with my helmet and a head butt.
      Love you! Miss you! Lots of kisses! Lots of hugs!

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