Japan Da Boss

My favorite part about Japan was going to a restaurant where we got to cook raw meat! I liked doing that because when I go to a restaurant they always make the meat too tough, too raw or too cooked. When we went I got to cook my own meat it was so cool and for the first time I got to cook the best steak I ever had. Also, I liked going to the samurai museum with the Janigas, it was so cool. We got to learn all sorts of stuff, totally baller. Then we got to put on costumes and hold real swords (but they were dull 😔). In Kyoto, we went to a place with 10,000 gates (Fushimi Inari Shrine), it was so cool! We went on a big hike up Inari Mountain to see all the shrines. After about an hour, we got to a point where we had to stop because Alyssa and Archer wanted to go back down.  Ayla, Grayson and I, along with Jen and Tim, decided that we wanted to go to the top. It was so hot 😥😥 I was sweating so hard, but we finally got to the top. It was so funny, a bottle of water at the top was 120 yuan ($17) -way more than it was at the bottom of the mountain. All of us were sweating as we went back down and went back to the hotel…… the FOUR SEASONS ohhh yes. Then we went in the pool. This picture is of me and Ayla at the top of Mount Inari!


  1. Gamma

    Well, it looks like you had a great time in Japan. Congratulations on getting to the top of Mt Inari, that was quite a feat in that heat.
    I’m so glad you all had a great time in Japan and that you enjoyed your visit with Ayla and Alysa.

    Love you all and miss you lots.

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