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Japan… My kind of place. All sorts of comics, action figures, movies, video games, heated stuff and REALLY good food. From the sushi to the meats. the food  was top dog. Today I will be writing about the Fushimi Inari, and my favorite things. I totally dig Japan. The people used to be super brutal but, now they are quiet and polite. I like quiet surroundings, but I do not get that here in China too often.  Most of the time at restaurants we were the loudest, unless we got our own room during dinner.

I loved the Fushimi Inari, which was the temple of Ten THOUSAND Gates. It was beautiful, so much greenery which made it very shady on the hot day. The first part was more of the same, but as we got farther up it became more and more beautiful and different.

Never in my life had I seen so many gates, and I passed through all of them. Once we got up and to the starting point we saw a few shops and started to look around. We ended up buying an object that is supposed to make your wishes come true if you walked through all the gates. You are supposed to keep your charm until it comes true. On the way up mine fell apart so  my wish probably will not come true.

It was a long hike up, and on the way there 5 of us quit. Ayla, Linc, Jen, Tim and I remained. Before the others quit, the hike was easier before the steep hike came. Also there was less of manmade things so lots more animals came out of hiding.  This dragonfly flew at me.

 This frog jumped at Lincoln.

It was a smart marketing choice to make the bottles of water at the top more expensive, because it was much hotter up there. but at least our five wishes will have more of a chance to come true. I loved the experience with an exception; I got super thirsty extremely easily. I had lots of fun in Japan.



  1. Gamma

    SGrayson, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love reading your posts. Even though I miss you can your brothers and mom and dad like crazy, when I read you,posts it makes me feel a little bit closer to you cause I feel like I know what you are doing.

    It sounds like Japan was totally awesome. And from the pictures it looks like you all had a fabulous time visiting with the Janingas. I can’t believe how tall Alysa has gotten. She is so much bigger than the rest of you!!!

    I see you got a post from my brother, he has been asking me to ask you guys if you could send Grandma Pat a postcard cause she would really love it. I’m not sure how long it would take to get there but maybe you and your brothers could each guess on the delivery date and then ask Grandma Pat to let you know when it gets there. The one who guesses the closest gets a prize from me when you get home. So keep track!

    Love you lots and miss you all.

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