1. Nana

    Hi Justice,
    I loved your room. Small but comfortable. Kelton wants to know if you’ve met anyone who is really interesting
    GT says hello

  2. Michele Muzzy

    Justice – I would like you to fulfill your final third grade writing requirement and post some blog entries please!!!! 😉

    Mrs. Muzzy

  3. Jana

    What’s up J? What has been your favorite thing so far? We loved the samurai pictures. We miss you. Love GT and Nana

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At the Buddhist temple…..

I have no idea what this is but we found money and bracelets. And had no bell, to the right was a store, same with the left. In the back behind the “bell” there was a temple with a god in a glass case. In front there was a leaning pads so that people can pray to the gods, some small ones where pure gold. In front of the pads there was a box you put coins in but the praying people COBE briant the coin into the box.