First Rain in Shanghai and the Jade Bhuddha Temple

Our first rain in Shanghai made our day really quiet, even though we went to two malls. The rain made it so we could not go outside and play soccer, or walk around and actually burn calories. What made it even worse was that it rained all day.  Overall the day was pretty cool. We used the subway to get there and I saw so many funny ads*, and fake iPhone ads. I loved walking through the malls. All the stores were awesome, because of the variety of the different stores on the different levels. It is just like L.A. mixed with San Diego downtown. the hotel bases were malls most of them were white and black themed (with some exeptions) there was so much of the same style though.

It was still stunning. And the TV tower was right outside the exit. Which makes me want to go in there and look out more than ever.

The next day I visited the JADE BHUDDHA TEMPLE. (Cue echo and  deep epic voice)

It was awesome, and  yet again I am stunned by the the beauty of the different sculptures and the architecture. People still do all the different prayers and ceremonies, and to think it all began thousands of years ago is amazing.  What really is cool is the way they pictured their dieties. Also each culture had a different view of ther dieties. Wheather it was monothiestic or polytheistic, it was amazing the different images of the great people. All people who were Asian were there to pray it was normal to them, but I bet that place is always full of suprises and they see some thing new every time. I kinda felt bad for them because the sanctuary is so expanded and the walk between each hall is large. But to them it would be worth it. I love the amount of effort that is put into these I’ll bet whomever built thetemple became pretty popular among the Buddhists. Overall I had two great days and I cannot wait until I visit the Shanghai tower or the T.V. Tower



to conclude this post i will say one thing the long trip is worth it and



  1. Kris Lindell

    Loved your descriptive post! Glad to hear the long trip is worth it….I am getting very excited to get over there!

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