In the Shanghai Tower!

We went to the Shanghai Tower it was so cool.  First was the elevator, it was the fastest elevator in the world. It went 18 kilometers. So cool, I was really exited when we got to the top it was so cool. My mom is afraid of heights it was kind of funny. Also my ears popped four times on the elevator. It was kind of sad because it takes longer to get to our apartment on the 22 floors than it took to get to the 118th floor of the Shanghai Tower.  The view was amazing although the camera I was using died really quickly.


  1. Gamma

    So Lincoln, did you time the ride up to the 118 floor? How long did it actually take? Im not afraid of heights but I think I might have been a little weirded out by the speed of the elevator. What a cool experience though. The scenery looks amazing.

    I love reading the things you boys write and I specially love the pictures. Do you each have a camera? You said yours died pretty quickly.

    Miss you lots – kisses all around

  2. Michele Muzzy

    That is INSANE! Like your mom, I too am afraid of heights. I just broke out in a sweat looking at your pictures. Loved your post!

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