A “normal” day

We needed a break from the tourist circuit today.  We are so lucky that there is a turf outdoor tennis court on the 7th floor – it is PERFECT for soccer. One of the first things we did was get a soccer ball. The boys spent an hour and a half playing soccer on the court this morning. Third day in a row actually.

We had lunch and hit the park for a bit. The boys were literally mauled by some old Chinese men. More photos, more touching. The boys know they can politely decline, but I think they don’t mind the photos. The touching though – that creeps them out!! I have to say, we see lots of little kids (5 or under) around,  but we have not yet seen any older kids or teenagers. Literally not one. Where are they hiding them?

Had groceries delivered and am attempting my second dinner made here in this tiny little kitchen. It’s tiny, but I love it!! 


The first did not go so well.  Fingers crossed this is better.

Here are a few more shots from the YuYuen Gardens yesterday…



  1. Kris Lindell

    How is the cooking going? Are you finding it easy to shop online for the groceries ? I am very much looking forward to not grocery shopping and having my food delivered.

    1. Post
      Julie O'Brien

      There are a couple of online grocery delivery options with plenty of western food. We have groceries delivered all the time! There is a citysuper (western and imported foods) in our building, but online is way cheaper. It was a challenge figuring it all out – but you have the benefit of us going before you. So we’ll just show you everything 🙂

      Are you keeping your US phones while you are here? You’ll be here longer so I can see how it would make sense for you to just have Chinese phones. We bought one yesterday, there are some things for which you need a Chinese cell phone number to register (some online grocery and restaurant delivery services). You can set the language to English and set it to an english keypad, but its not all in english…

      By the time you guys get here we’ll have it all locked down. You’ll be all set! 😉

  2. Kris Lindell

    Hi Julie,
    I had planned in us keeping our US phones but I know my school is also planning on helping us get a local number so I’m jot sure if that means two phones or some Shanghai magic whereby I’ll have a local number on my us phone. Something for me to investigate. So happy you are blazing the trail for us, so weird how life is…..there you are in a faraway city like Shanghai and you will be helping us when we move to Shanghai…weird….
    I am loving the blog and as a teacher, I must say I can really hear each boys “voice ” in the pieces they are writing. What a wonderful gift you and Mike are giving them!

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