We met a really nice guy in the note book store, and I wanted to get a pen and mom said NO. Later on we where writing in a notebook to talk to each other and he was so nice he wrote I will get you the pen. He was talking about the one I wanted. And he bought it for me, well not really me for the family. Then a few minutes later he wrote u this. 


  1. Gamma

    Hey Grayson – sounds like you met a really nice guy. I am really enjoying reading what you all post. I check everyday to see if there is anything new. It looks like you guys have done a lot of exploring around your new neighborhood. Did you ever find the toy store to buy a chess set?

    Remember when G’da was sick and couldn’t come down to see you with me? Well he is better but not totally, he is still coughing A LOT. Of course, it doesn’t stop him from playing golf. I hope his cough goes away soon.

    Not much is new around here, it is starting to get hot. And a lot of my friends are leaving to go back to their summer homes. So there isn’t as much to do. But that is a good thing cause it gives me a chance to rest up and read and do things I sometimes don’t have time to do.

    Keep writing and posting pictures cause it makes me feel a bit closer to you when I know what you are all up to. Say hi to your brother for me and give everyone a big kiss.

    Love Gamma

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