“Old Bazaar” (Qibao)


IT WAS A VERY hot and humid day in China, and I was walking around in a ancient “Old Bazaar” that had been flowing for hundreds of years. An hour or two earlier I had been in a subway wondering about the coming hours… It was a long ride but I endured.  This was another day to remind ourselves of the past and the beauty of the past. The whole area was crowded, from the alleys to the entrance people were bustling to buy or take pictures.


I saw some pretty weird things there. There were different meats and toys we have never dreamed up. There were all sorts things for sale to eat like pig snouts, fried frogs, dried sea horses, and boiled pig tails.

The lifestyle between today and hundreds of years ago is so different. And think about the how much has changed in the past 50-100 years; cell phones, portable computers, cable T.V., space missions, etc. Think about how far we’ve came on baby steps.


  1. Gamma

    There are things in our country that we think of as old and yet they are new to China’s standards. No one in the US was building fabulous, elaborate structures a thousand years ago like they were in China. It makes you realize just how young our country really is. I also think other cultures value their older building as part of their heritage more than we do in the US. Too often we tear down the old to make way for the new. But your pictures show how important the old is over there.
    It is always interesting to see what is popular in another culture. I am sure you have seen toys in China that you haven’t seen in the US. Maybe you could start a whole new fad back home with your favorite toy from China.
    I agree that going to a market place in China is a little freaky with the things they eat that we think of as strange. I remember seeing live eels in the market when I was there. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to take a live eel home to cook.

    Miss you lots – kisses all around

  2. Michele Muzzy

    This is so enjoyable to read! So who tried the pig snouts or fried frogs or pigs tails???? Justice wouldn’t disappoint, would he???

    Mrs. Muzzy

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