Walking along The Bund

Friday night:

We want to a restaurant that was 56 stories high. And then we saw the Shanghai Tower that is the third tallest building in the world.


We were walking down on the street and we saw a sick PINK Lamborghini so want that.

We were walking along the Bund it was so pretty. Also the views were amazing. (Sunday)


  1. Gamma

    Lincoln I love that Lamborghini too. I can’t wait for the day when you have one of your own and you come visit me!! It reminded me of a friend of mine who lives here in Heritage Palms. She has a golf cart the same color pink. In fact, she added really big eyelashes to her cart right over the head lights. It’s pretty cute.

    The Bund looks pretty amazing. That boardwalk is huge and some of the buildings are so unique. I bet you had quite the view from that restaurant. So I’m wondering if you have been able to find American food in very many restaurants. When I visited China it was so long ago that they weren’t used to tourists and so everything was just Chinese food. I can’t imagine Archer surviving very long with out a hamburger!!

    I see that it is on the water. Shanghai has a lot of water around it, Do you live anywhere near the water? The Yangtze River run by the city. Do you remember the book I used to read to you when you guys were little about the little boy who lived on the Yangtze River in the wide eyed boat? And the duck that was named Ping? I wonder if they have that book in China.

    Love you lots – kisses all around.

    1. Julie O'Brien

      Hi this is Lincoln and well we live pretty close to the water, but not close enough to walk. Most of the time we take the subway, but in the photos u see here we rode the subway witch i think is very fun(no one else does.)P.S almost all we eat is western the because we can’t have wheat we have been eating lots of hamburgers.(Archer is fine all he eats is hamburgers.)

      love your grandson,

  2. Nana

    Awesome car! GT says he can see you in it! I’m sure he wants a ride. You all are having such fun! Have you had to wear masks yet? Lots of love from us!

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