Yesterday was the first time I have ever ridden a subway, it was suprisingly clean and actually fun. I enjoyed not wearing anything for protection. We used the subway to get to a new area we have not been to called Tiànzǐfàng. I got a really cool fidget spinner and a good lunch, or lunches… 🔺illuminate confirmed.

I have forgotten to tell about soccer. It is pretty fun, all laughs chortles and giggles. Until it turns vile when someone fouls or some just generally disagrees on something stupid. When you fall down it may hurt, but if you stay on the ground it is like sucking in all the smog from the past 10 years. I love to play soccer and surprisingly we have not kicked any balls over the vile fence.


  1. Gamma

    I used to ride the subway in Boston a lot when I was your age, The one in Boston is probably not as clean as the one you rode. My mom and my sisters and I would sometimes take the train from the town we lived in to North Station in Boston where you would jump on the subway and it would take you anywhere you wanted to go in the city. For us, it was always the shopping area. We would go in and spend the day shopping and then always stop at this ice cream place where we would get a sundae. They were served in little silvers dished with a pedestal and the dish sat on a little silver tray. The tray was imperative because they always put so much fudge sauce on that it spilled over on to the tray. Right now I can’t remember the name of the ice cream store and it is going to drive me crazy till I think of it.

    When I was not much older than you, I would take the train and subway into Boston to buy toe shoes. Ask mom what that is all about….

    When I was in Hong Kong I rode the subway over to Kowloon. There was a really big market there that only sold jade. The prices were really cheap and at the time, the only ones who ever frequented this marker were the Chinese people. So my friend – a very tall blonde lady – and I caused quite a stir just like the 4 of you boys do when you walk around.

    Love you lots – Kisses all around.

    1. Post
      Grayson O'Brien

      I will ask my mom about “toe shoes”, and the sundae sounds so good. i wish i could have one.

  2. Nana

    Hi G,
    Subways are pretty cool. They get you around pretty fast and don’t have to wait in traffic. The market looks pretty. Those spinners are all the rage. We r camping. In Mammoth Lakes right now. Love you lots

    1. Post
      Grayson O'Brien

      Cool, that is awesome. I wish I could start camping, because my dad is always saying, “This will be the year we camp”, (or something like that) but we never do it. >:(

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