Rainy Shanghai

It started raining mid-day. It’s a hot muggy rain like the east coast. None of the boys were sad to bust out their umbrellas…

Now that we have conquered the subway- all of Shanghai is available to us! Which means FINALLY we were able to find a store that sold chess boards!! Perfect timing with the rainy day. The Superbrand Mall in Pudong has a massive Toys R Us. We snagged a monopoly game, UNO, Quirkle and a rubick’s cube while we were at it.

Shopping malls here are insane. They all seem to be at least 7 stories and labrynths of shops you could be lost in for weeks. Here is a shot Mike took of the inside of the ‘iapm’ (a huge mall) in the French Concession.

Today, the metro stop was below the ‘ifc’ (another monstrous luxury mall in Pudong) so we had to go through some of that massive mall in order to get over to another massive mall that housed Toys R Us. I think shopping is a sport in Shanghai. I’d be a winner if I did not have 5 boys slowing me down… 😉



  1. Gamma

    Great picture with all the umbrellas. Love that Lincs is pink!! Sounds like todays outing was a complete success.

    Miss you all – Kisses all around

  2. Nana

    The mall looks like the ones in Bangkok. They are huge, lots of advertising video screens and many stories. I loved it. Could shop for cars, appliances and everything you could imagine.
    Love the umbrellas! Love you!

  3. GDa

    Gosh! So many things to see and everything is so different from San Diego, y’all must be amazed and enjoying the experience. I love reading your posts and the pictures are cool. That mall looks Crazy! Miss you and love to all.

    1. Post
      Julie O'Brien

      Hi Kris!!
      The crowds are not too bad. You can easily avoid them if you do anything before noon. It seems Shanghai does not get up until lunch. Some of the tourist spots are insanely crowded – but if you are not trying to keep track of 4 little people it should not be too stressful. Although, it is somewhat of a sensory overload. We have not been out much at night because, you know, 4 kids. So I can’t say what it’s like at night but I do know reservations are needed at most restaurants for dinner. Probably the reason Shanghai sleeps late 😉 ?

      The subway here is cleaner, more organized and safer than any subway system I have used in the states. So there is that. Cabs are also easy and cheap (if you fit, which we don’t).

  4. Kris Lindell

    Hey Kulies,
    I am an early riser and we definitely are more mobile so hopefully it will be easy to navigate. I can’t even imagine how hard this is with 4 kids!! You need to pick a happening restaurant for us to go to when we get there, drinks, dancing, and shenanigans-adults only! We will be in in the 28th, so excited!

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